Downright Delicious!



Hendricks Grand Opening

Hendricks BBQ Carry Out

Carry Out

Who says you can’t take it with you when you’re gone? Not us. We’ve provided our entire menu, available for carry-out …

Interior 2nd floor

Hendricks has atmosphere

If the scintillating smell of the BBQ isn’t enough to entice you or the promise of the best selection of whiskey this side of the Mississippi doesn’t make you want to whet your whistle, then perhaps the unique atmosphere will draw your attention and curiosity. One-of-a-kind light fixtures, with…


Whet your Whistle

This is a bit more robust than your father’s wet-bar. We’ve got 50+ varieties and brands that cover every major wheel-house in the category. Think you know a lot about whiskey? Ring the bell ’cause school is about to be in session …